HagueHaven: Hackathon for good challenge

Overview of HagueHave web application

How can we help municipality workers and housing organizations in The Hague (Municipality of The Hague) to allocate shelter seekers in better matching locations by enabling them to work efficiently within a shared overview?

This was the challenge that our team (Petra Bardócz, Annemieke Verhoek, Alejandro Salgueiro Dorado and I) decided to tackle during the 6th edition of Hackathon For Good.

Our solution focused on creating a centralized environment where all three parties (municipality social workers, housing organizations and shelter seeker) can participate in the process, take relevant actions, and update the offer and demand in a near real-time fashion. With our application we ended up winning the challenge and were also awarded the WorldStartup bonus prize for the most promising business opportunity with clear and realistic roadmap!

It was a great learning experience and an amazing 48 hour of hacking with an awesome team.

Municipality social worker profile

Martín Domínguez Durán
Martín Domínguez Durán
MSc. Geo-Information Science Student

My research interests include environmental health, data science, deep learning and remote sensing.